Friday, 29 July 2011

Sky watch, 27/07/11, Fareham

1st pulsing obect 27/07/11 23:55

Recorded at 23:55, heading North West. My wife said she saw a green light flash in the sky just before I saw this with the night vision. Could have been the same object? Neither of us could find this object with the naked eye but only through the night vision. Another object was filmed 15 minutes later, uploaded separately.

2nd pulsing obect 27/07/11 00:10

For the first minute or 2 I tracked this object in the sky while not recording as it wasnt flashing or pulsing just remaining contant brightness just like a satellite. It was when it started pulsing that I hit record. Interesting bright flash 1 minute in. This was also heading North West like the object filmed 15 minutes before.

Unfortunately my laptop battery just after this and after switching to mains power, the usb video capture device stopped working! Also I couldnt find this object with the naked eye only through the night vision while monitoring it on the laptop screen. It could have been visible but I didnt see it.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

April 22nd 2011, Fareham, Hampshire. 3 UFOs and a chinese lantern?

This makes my eyes go funny when Im trying to watch it. And im still trying to work out if its 3 objects or possibly more. The camera is too erratic and the roof keeps getting in the way, sorry about that!

Recorded at 23:11 last night. At first I was sitting in my garden facing west with my back to the house when I spotted the 2 ufos flying over my head and over the house in an East-South-East direction. These were invisible to the naked eye and I was viewing them on the laptop screen which was connected to the Yukon Ranger night vision monocular. I only saw them for a second at the start of the clip before they disappeared past the roof.

The camera then goes bad as I got out of my chair and walked further down the garden and turned around to face the house then try and find the objects in the sky again. When the 2 objects do come into view again I didnt even notice them as my eyes were still readjusting. Id spent the last 2 hours looking at the computer screen in the dark and only now was trying to look through the viewfinder in the night vision goggles. So they went past and I was having trouble telling if objects were moving or if it was just my eyes.

Then the 3rd object came into view and I tracked that until it disappeared. At this point I stopped recording and sat down again, facing west, away from the house again and noticed a bright orange light straight ahead appearing to descend slowly. This looked like a chinese lantern but I hit record again anyway and recorded it descending behind the houses in front. The first objects I couldnt see with the naked eye so dont think they were lanterns...

Monday, 18 April 2011

UFO Inspecting Chemtrail

Darren Ashmore, a friend of ours in Southampton, captures a lot of great ufo sightings using various infrared recording techniques. His videos can be seen on his youtube channel here:-

He sent us one of his latest sightings which I will post below:-

Ian & Zoe

Here's my latest daytime infrared footage that you may find interesting...
Captured at around 3PM on 10 April 2011, Botley, Southampton. The camcorder used is a modified Sony DCR TRV140E with a 1.7x tele-converter, recorded in infrared/visible light mixed and the manual focus in use.
The solid object that appears to be made up of two sections looks white in colour and also may only be reflecting IR light as no shadows or other colours can be observed. With all the concentrating trying to keep the object steady in shot, it never crossed my mind whether to switch between light spectrum's to see if the object would disappear in the visible spectrum only. No eye contact with the object was made as I knew it must have been so high in altitude and didn't want to risk losing it from sight. I estimate the object being of at least 25000ft in altitude as it looks like it disappears into the contrail/chem-trail of the passing plane.
Observed for around seven minutes, before heading north and disappearing out of sight.

Darren Ashmore.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Avebury stone circle, March 19th 2011 16:55

Not sure about this one but I'll post it anyway incase anyone wants to comment. Me and Zoe went to Avebury stone circle on Sat March 19th. I thought Id do some sky fishing as we've seen some interesting ufo pics from this area. Out of the 300ish pictures theres only one or two with strange things showing on them. These are tiny objects though which pixellate quite badly when zoomed too much. They were taken on my iphone 4.

This one:

Original pic

Zoomed pic

2nd pic (no object)

is strange as you can see something in this picture but not in the picture taken 2 seconds later (the camera is pointing slightly higher in the second pic, you can see the contrail lower down in the 2nd pic).

There was another pic of something but I wont post that for now as on second thought, it might be a fly or something... :)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Flashing ufo, Fareham Hampshire 30/8/10 1:10am

We recorded this last night using HandyAvi motion detection software (which explains why the stars appear to be moving before the object is seen). The ufo passes over our house heading south at 1.10am. The only drawback of using this software is that I cant track the object through the sky or change the focus of the lens as it is just left pointing at one area of the sky constantly waiting for movement, so the ufo is only seen for a second. The laser flashes at the start of the video are me using a laser pointer to make sure the motion detection software is working correctly. Also, the picture quality is lower than usual due to the software adding compression to the avi. I have fixed this setting for any future videos. The object is definitely flashing rapidly. The software also recorded several satellites and shooting stars last night which i may upload later just for comparision purposes.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Flashing/pulsing object(s) followed by 2 other ufos, Fareham 3/7/10

This was recorded in our back garden in Fareham last night at 11.30pm using a Yukon Ranger infra-red night vision monocular connected via usb capture device connected to a laptop. The occasional laser flashes at the bottom of the video are me either pointing out to Zoe where to look in the sky to find these objects and also to see if any kind of response can be got from the objects as Ive seen this method used by other sky watchers.

The first pulsing/flashing object is travelling in a South-East to North-West direction. Between 48 and 54 seconds into the video another object is seen travelling in the opposite direction. I didnt notice this at the time as I was focussing on the original object so the 2nd one is only seen briefly and I cant tell if it is also pulsing? Then at 2:15 into the footage the 2 other objects appear into the frame travelling East.

Me (Ian) and Zoe usually sky watch together and while I keep an eye on the laptop screen my partner tries to identify things with the naked eye and using binoculars. None of these obects were visible to the naked eye although the Yukon Ranger is very sensitive and also picks up many stars and satellites also not visible to the naked eye.

We also use an app on the iphone 3gs called GoSatWatch which pinpoints the locations of satellites over our present location. I am not sure if this app shows all satellites or if data is missing but according to the app no satellites were passing us at that time.

We also saw a few chinese lanterns a couple of hours earlier in a completely different area of the sky also heading east but these were clearly visible to the naked eye, orange, flickery and obviously guided by the wind. They also burnt out. The lanterns' movement were too dissimilar to the objects in this video plus the fact that they were visible make it unlikely we think that the objects in the video were lanterns.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Report of overhead droning sound and possible orange light, Fareham April 7th 2010

Our email correspondence below:-

Hi there,

I thought I’d drop you a line as something strange occurred a couple of nights ago that I thought you might like to hear about.

I live in Fareham (specifically Wallington village). In the middle of the night I was disturbed by this unusual droning sound outside, apparently moving from the general direction of Fareham town centre, towards the motorway/Portsdown Hill. I listened as this sound passed overhead from one side of our house to the other, and I thought I saw an orange glow through our en-suite bathroom skylight on my right (towards the back of our house where there aren’t any street lights) which faded out as the sound became more distant.

I only say I thought I saw this as I was laying in bed and could have imagined it, still being sleepy. But as I recall the orange glow was similar to how it might look if an amber street lamp had been moving overhead, albeit with a more diffusely spread and less yellowy light, more of a red-orange. The light did not flicker or flash and I only saw this glow for a short time (perhaps 5-10 seconds) before it faded away. I heard the droning sound in the distance for a while after that though.

Having lived near naval and/or military installations most of my life I am very used to the sounds of various aircraft but this droning sound was not like that of any plane or helicopter I know of. It’s hard to describe from memory but it was just a constant hum of a non-varying pitch/frequency that was loud enough to disturb me from my sleep. It was not unlike the sound of a large road vehicle travelling at a constant speed down the motorway (we are in earshot of the M27 here), but due to the direction the sound was coming from and the way it passed over I knew this was not logistically possible. The sound was definitely coming from overhead and there are no long straight roads in the direction that it took. Also, there were none of the distinctive sound properties that one might associate with wheels on a road.

After this occurrence took place I just went back to sleep and didn’t think a great deal of it, other than perhaps to check later to see if anyone else had noticed it apart from me. When I told my husband about it yesterday he had no recollection of such a thing and had presumably slept through it.

I thought to mention the incident on a Facebook update this morning and strangely enough a friend living in Portsmouth said that he heard the sound as well! He said:

“I heard the same thing over our house too! Never got to see what it was though. Made, like you say, a weird droning sound that definately wasn't a plane.”

Well, that’s just reassured me that maybe I’m not completely mad and just imagining things.
Oddly enough, this may not be the first time I’ve witnessed something like this though. I remember having a similar experience of hearing a hard-to-explain droning sound moving overhead in the middle of the night years ago, back when my hubby and I lived in Poole. At the time I reasoned that it seemed like the sound of some sort of large aircraft going over - though I think it was a deeper and louder sound than what I heard a couple of nights ago. There may even have been a low frequency vibration that accompanied it… but again it really didn't sound like any plane or helicopter. So bizarre!

Well, that’s it from me for now… I hope this report may be of some interest. I’m certainly curious about any answers there might be for what I witnessed, as my little bit of snooping around online for local incidents thus far has highlighted the Portsdown Hill area as something of a UFO hotspot. It’s also how I discovered your site, which I think is great by the way!



Thank you for your email. We have not had any reports of that nature but what you have reported is more common than you think. When I was younger I lived in Portsmouth and I used to hear the same sort of noise. Not a conventional aircraft noise as you say. I used to hear a low humming noise (hard to describe in words) I also remember getting up and seeing lights in the sky that never flashed like a plane. I could see Portsdown Hill from my window and I can recall them travelling in that direction. It scared me sometimes so much that I used to put my old cassette walkman on. I have heard people suggest the noise is coming from submarine radar but does not account for the light(s) witnessed by yourself, me and other people. In fact it seems that nearly all of the stories I have heard over the years and now since starting the group, Portsdown Hill appears to be a hotspot. Whether this is conected to the milltary base there I dont know but its something i want to investigate.

Can I ask if the time in Poole was the only other time you heard it? Do you remember hearing anything odd when you were younger? With your permission we would like put your story up on the website to see if any one else heard/saw anything. Could you ask your friend for the time they heard it and where they live as well as we can work out which direction it was travelling.

Thank you again and we hope to hear from you soon

Zoe and Ian


Hi Zoe and Ian,

Thanks for getting back to me, that's really interesting to know. Seems like whatever this is, it's been going on for a while then!

That one time back in Poole was the only other obvious incident I can think of... it would have been around the year 2000/2001. I've got a feeling that I may have got up and looked out of the bedroom window that night because I was that curious to see what could have been making the noise, but didn't see anything. I just remember it sounded 'big' from the resonance it seemed to emit. Again it didn't last very long but the sound seemed to move overhead and disappear off into the distance somewhere. I think it was moving eastward as I have a memory of trying to look out in that direction, thinking that's where the sound was headed. But the flat we were in didn't afford clear views at that particular angle, so if there was anything to be seen in the sky the rest of the building may have blocked it.

I don't have any memories of events like this from my childhood, which was spent in Weymouth. I've known people to see UFOs in that area though, one time my mum saw a set of orange lights in the sky over the sea. It was in the evening as the sun was going down, I believe what happened was that one by one, five lights rose into the sky from the horizon (taking roughly a minute each to rise into position). They then hovered in a static horizontal line for a while before eventually all descending from view again together, still locked in that linear formation. I remember Mum saying the lights looked for all intents and purposes like amber street lamps in the sky, but she couldn't explain what they were. They could have been flares from boats but their movement and formation didn't really tally with that idea. Likewise my mum's then boyfriend who also witnessed the incident couldn't offer any obvious explanation. I believe other people witnessed this too as I think they were in a pub garden on a hill overlooking the sea at the time. I'm pretty sure the lights appeared in the west where the sun was setting.

Well, back to the recent report... I'm happy for you to put my story up on your website to see if it rings any bells with anyone else. I think it must have happened the night of the 7th or the early hours of the 8th April. I asked my friend if he could elaborate at all on his experience of it and he said: "I would say it was around midnight sort of time as that's the time I usually go to sleep. It was a strange sound, a low humming sound, exactly as the Zoe and Ian describe it. My wife heard it too. I wish I'd looked out of the window to see what it was. It definitely wasn't a plane as I've heard planes going over all the time. And it definitely wasn't a car, I can't decribe it, but it sounded unlike anything I'd heard before, it gave me the heebie geebies! I heard it where I live, which is in Waterlooville."

There have been odd occasions here in Fareham when I've been lying in bed trying to sleep and I've heard a quiet hum from a source that's hard to pin down. I wasn't sure whether it was in my head or not as I'd change position and find it might get louder or quieter. When I was searching online forany reports of the big droning sound from the other night, I discovered plenty of articles on what some describe as "the hum". I think this may be the other thing I've experienced here on occasion although it can't have happened more than a few times. I don't think it's likely to be related in any way to the big one from the other night though, which was totally different.

All the best